Thursday, September 22, 2011

Miscellaneous Home Ec Resources

 Leisure Arts has published an excellent set of three leaflet books on knitting, crocheting and quilting. The lessons are written directly to girls ages 8 or 9 to about 14. The material is presented well and there are lots of pictures to illustrate the techniques. Each lesson builds on the previous lesson, so the skills are learned in progression. I’m including these lessons in our course outline, without any adjustment. You can find these books here on

I also have a number (my husband would say this is an understatement) of miscellaneous books on other homemaking subjects that I want to include. We will probably run out of time because my outline is organized by lessons and subjects. It is hard to predict how much time Abigail will need to complete the projects, so we’ll just play it by ear. We can continue the lessons next year. These kinds of books are written for adults, so I will have to adapt the information and write lesson plans for these subjects. How much time I have to do this kind of organizing may end up limiting these extra topics anyway.

So, I have a plan. We’ve already started this year with some general devotional lessons on homemaking and a training lesson on organizing Home Ec materials and other information into a homemaking file. But I’ll let Miss Abigail tell you about that. She had a great time embellishing file folders and putting the file box together. Upcoming lessons are about using cleaning tools and making a tote, green cleaning and making recipes for natural cleaning products, and embellishing a cleaning apron. I certainly need to clean house soon, so these lessons should be particularly timely!


  1. We have the "Teach me to Crochet" book. Its a great resource for any age. Being a beginner with crochet, I still refer to it constantly for different stitches. I will have to fine the other 2 books. Amy wants to learn knitting.

  2. Donna, you are so right about it being perfect for beginners of any age. I guess my brain is just thinking about young girls right now. ;o) The projects are geared more to youth, but adults usually can see out how to adapt. The instruction in each book is really good, for everyone!


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