Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Home Ec Resources - "A Girls Guide to Home Skills" Curriculum

The Homemaker’s Mentor has published a marvelous curriculum called “A Girls Guide to Home Skills.” The instruction is organized around the various rooms in the house. The guide isn’t comprehensive, but has just the right amount of information to begin with. I think it is very useful for ages 8 or 9 through about 14 or 15. The author writes as if talking directly to a young girl and the whole thing has a kind of old-fashioned style.

Each section has a check list of skills to accomplish for that room.

 Each section has a list of daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning tasks to learn, along with helpful instruction for learning to do each job on the list.

 There is information and instruction for other skills, in addition to cleaning, in each section and at least one project to decorate or enhance that room.

There are eight sections in this Girl’s Guide. The last two are still in production. When these sections are completed, I would predict that they will be combined into a book. For now, each section is sold individually. The sections come punched for a binder.

I’ve been really pleased with how easy this guide is to follow. I simply read the information with Abigail and do any necessary demonstrating. Then, she can practice the skill or make the project and we can check it off the list.

Except for cooking lessons, this guide could stand alone, but it would be completed in a fairly short time. It could work really well for a lesson scheduled once a week or so. I’m including quite a few additional lessons and projects, but “The Girls Guide to Home Skills” provides a nice sort of structure for our Home Ec course this year. You can find more information and a sample here.

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  1. I've been wondering what these look like. Thanks for sharing, Kathleen!


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