Friday, September 9, 2011

In My Workbasket - more embroidered dishtowels

When I need thinking time, I like to embroider. Embroidery is very soothing to me.  This set of dishtowels is one current project in my workbasket.  I've lately been almost exclusively occupied getting our homeschool year off the ground. Because I don't use a prepared curriculum, this requires a LOT of thinking and planning on my part. So, I've been making some progress on this embroidery.

This set is one of Aunt Martha's, but I cut the days of the week off, and have substituted my own short sayings. This is a set of seven, and I'm currently working on number four. The designs are full of small elements and sharp curves, so they are not going quickly, but I am enjoying them. These will be for the hope chest,  and will fit into a larger set that Miss Abigail is working on. She began the set with this crocheted dishcloth, then stenciled a set of hot pads in the same green color, and is now working on the cross-stitched dishtowels you saw in the last post. I also made a matching set of my favorite hot pads and put an edging on a hand towel. You can see these in pictures at the bottom of this post. I'm hoping that Abigail will make one or two more dishcloths for the set. We have the fabric for an apron also.


  1. So cute! I love the little birdies!

    I enjoy cross stitch (embroidery is on my to learn list) but I am not at the point where I find it soothing - mostly I am recounting stitches!

  2. Hah, Jenny - you must be doing the "counted" cross-stitch patterns, which I don't find soothing either! ;o)In fact, I don't do much of that stitching -once in a while. I like the printed cross-stitch much better - just following the pattern and making the same repetitive motion. I love that.

  3. So beautiful and sweet. I love to embroidery and hand quilt- finding them calming yet productive. Our school year is off to a hectic start, so handwork gives great stress relief.

  4. I am doing counted cross stitch - I must count each stitch 50 times!

    I have some printed tablecloths to embroider but I keep adding more projects on to my to do list. I don't think I will ever finish!

    I hope I like the printed cross stitch more!


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