Thursday, June 6, 2013

Miss Abigail's Pioneer Reenactment

Miss Abigail has been preparing for a special handcart pioneer reenactment since January. Finally, on Tuesday, she was so happy that our small church group left to join a large group of other teens to spend the week walking and pushing a large wooden cart loaded with supplies to honor and appreciate her Mormon pioneer ancestors. I think they will hike about 40 or more miles before the end of the adventure.  Each youth was encouraged to find out more about the life of an ancestor who could be an inspiration to them and to walk the Trek in honor of this person. Miss Abigail chose to research her great great great great grandmother Abigail McMurtrey Allred. Abigail not only shares her name, but also her birthday! GGGG Grandmother Allred's picture is on the memorial brooch Abigail is wearing. Getting ready for this Trek has consumed quite a lot of time and certainly a lot of creative brain energy. Now that it is over, I hope to be able to pick up my more normal busy life...Abigail and I certainly hope all of you are having some fun summer adventures of your own.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

In My Workbasket - Spindle Spinning

I've been so involved lately in projects that have little to do with hope chests, so I haven't had much material to post about for some time. But, this last weekend, I took Miss Abigail on our local fiber farm tour and I acquired some alpaca roving blended with Merino wool. It was just so soft that I wanted to spin it immediately! Since I have another project already on our spinning wheel, I just put this on a spindle and spent some waiting time in pure heaven, spinning out the door of our truck. The fiber is lovely--very soft and easy to spin. I haven't spun any fiber other than the wool from sheep, so it is interesting to see how much I liked this alpaca wool.

These dainty alpacas have been very recently shorn of their lovely fleece.

Miss Abigail is helping my handsome grandson Erik watch a spinning demonstration. Erik is feeling a little disappointed that he couldn't help spin the wheel, but he had lots of fun with several other activities, including a dust bath like the chickens.We had a great time visiting Cynthia Daly at Milagro Moon Ranch.
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