Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pictures of the Quick Hope Chest

I finished most of what was on my list on the second day, but made some dumb time mistakes. So, the weekend hope chest turned out to be a three-day hope chest, rather than two. Just think in terms of a three-day weekend. I am very pleased with the results - except for that horrible bleached apron, which I will report on, but I think I'll show you my successes first! Here are the projects I completed:

1 dozen dishtowels--
Raw-edge Applique
Dyed and tucked, with button embellishment
Dyed and stenciled
Simple hemmed homespun, baby rick-rack, button magnets

10 hand towels along with a crocheted towel tender--
Printed, simple lace trim, yo-yos and crocheted chain daisies

2 V-stitch crocheted dishcloths--

5 refrigerator magnets--
Antique white button daisies and that cute baby is my grandson!

1 decorated binder--
for collected menus and associated recipes

1 set of quilted place mats and napkins--

 1 set of embellished bed sheets--
Simple "beading" eyelet lace threaded with grosgrain ribbon

 2 pair of pillowcases--
One is a simple cotton print and the other has a simple ribbon trim

1 set of embellished bath towels--

1 couch quilt--
Flannel "rag" style quilt - it still needs to be washed and fluffed!

1 birthday set--
A birthday table runner and  birthday banner

I am really glad to have some of these things finished. I work from a personal list of things that I want to do before I feel like Abigail's hope chest is finished and she now has at least one set of bed sheets and some bath towels. Each person will have different needs for her hope chest. My idea of a quick hope chest just reflects projects that could be done quickly, especially if one is thinking of creating a gift. It takes some thought to come up with a list of items that would suit each individual.

I think a very basic hope chest would include at least one kitchen set (with an apron, 7 dishtowels, 4-7 hand towels, 7 dishcloths, and a set of hot pads) a recipe box or binder with favorite recipes from home, a tablecloth or set of place mats, two sets of bed sheets and two sets of bath towels.The number of linens reflects a need to have enough to last until you could get the laundry done. Other important items, in my mind, include at least a lap quilt, a first-aid kit with a basic first aid book, basic kitchen drawer items like a small hammer, screw drivers, etc. Holiday things like Christmas ornaments and a basic family history and scrapbook are also important to me. Obviously, some things may need to be saved for and purchased, such as basic dishes, silverware and pots and pans.

I know people wonder why I am doing this. People ask me if I don't trust that Abigail will receive any wedding gifts and I laugh and say that I am hopeful that she will. But, who knows when she might get married and what those gifts might be and sometimes they can be pretty random. This is my gift - and along the way I hope I am teaching her to look ahead, to value creating a home, to develop skills, to be creative and to "prepare every needful thing."  Taking responsibility to prepare for a future need is simple wisdom. None of us knows what the future holds and if Abigail's need is not as great as the preparation, she will have an excess to share.


  1. Great work! I'm inspired to put some planning and preparation in myself. :)

  2. I love the hope chest at this stage! It is pretty and homely, filled with your love for your daughter. I think it is wise and also useful to make a hopechest for a daughter :) There shall be something of that sort for sons too :)

    1. Funny you should mention sons, Hindustanka. I made each of my sons a small hope chest when they got engaged. A kitchen set, a couple of pillowcases, various other small things and a bed quilt! I think they and their brides were glad for such a gift.

  3. Love your blog and projects.Beautiful!

  4. Your work is beautiful! Amy and I have decided to start a set a dishes for her Hope Chest (well actually the chest is full and has carried over to other large containers!) We have been working at a ceramics shop and have been inspired! When my son got married last year, they registered and received many pieces of Feista Ware. Its gorgeous but pricey ~ Amy wants some, so we are making our own. Don't know when we will start, but its a good "together" project to work on!

    1. Donna, I am so impressed that you could make the dishes! I love that idea. Of course, you will then have to make a pretty set of placemats or a tablecloth to match, right? I think this will be a memorable project!

  5. I think that this is a beautiful effort! In today's world, which encourages women to do everything BUT to create a warm home I think this is a great way to keep your daughter focused on the most important work she will ever do- making a home for a family. Even if the whole hope chest was destroyed (heaven forbid) she will have this FOCUS. I think that is the greatest good of a project like this!

    I found a line in one of your posts that I have enjoyed very much "the desires of our hearts are shown by the works of our hands."

    1. I certainly agree that the focus on creating a warm home is the point of what I am trying to model for Abigail. It is the greatest good! I do hope that comes through in the blog --somehow.

  6. Thanks for your sweet comments, ladies! Encouragement is so welcome.

  7. Wow! What an incredible accomplishment for only three days! I tend to take on time-consuming projects--right now, two and a half months before my wedding, I'm hand-knitting an afghan on small needles. It's going to be gorgeous, but boy is it taking up a lot of time! I've been working on my hope chest since I was around 13, and it's certainly paying off :)


  8. Wow, you get more done in a weekend than I do all year!

    I hope Miss Abigail is also learning the skills to make her own items for her hope chest. Having your items is wonderful and I know she'll treasure them, but the skills would be a gift that will stay with her forever.

    1. Welcome to the blog, Melody! I hope you'll visit often. Yes, Miss Abigail is also learning many skills. She doesn't always enjoying doing the same things I do, but her hands are trained.


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