Thursday, August 15, 2013

Shepherd's Wool Lead

The point of the new Shepherd's Wool Lead class at our county fair is to promote the use of wool in fashion and to promote the wool breeds of sheep as well. The contestants visit with a judge in an interview, then model a handmade garment or outfit made of at least 60% wool. Then they return to the ring and show a groomed sheep in fleece. We had just three girls sign up this year, but Abigail had fun and hopefully the class will catch on and there will be more participation next year. The garments must be handmade or homemade, but not necessarily by the contestant. I made the outfit this year, a cropped wool sweater and a long, flared wool skirt. I am so pleased that both garments turned out well. Here are the pics from the show.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

2013 County Fair

Miss Abigail's entries for the county fair were far fewer this year than in past years. There are many reasons for this, but the biggest is that she is growing older and is WAY more busy these days with all kinds of things! And I am also, trying to help her manage it all. Abigail's focus this year in 4H was on sheep and fiber. She showed a Finn ewe and a Finn ram in the sheep show and also participated in the Shepherd's Wool Lead class. Her inside exhibits were reduced to two educational posters and the Fibercraft Self-Determined project. The end result of this complicated project was 27 yards of handspun wool. I am really pleased at how well she has learned how to spin. She also completed the Archery project --and she is loving archery! Here are some pics. Watch for a separate post on the Shepherd's Wool Lead tomorrow!

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