Saturday, May 9, 2020

Graduation - Associate Degree from Eastern Arizona College

Miss Abigail was born into a homeschooling family. Not all homeschoolers plan to go to college, but that was always the possible plan.  When you are a homeschool mom, you hope your children can get into college and manage to keep up. You hope that you could do at least an adequate job and I just crossed my fingers that it would be enough. My last little chick proved she could do it. That makes four out of four! Hooray! Abby had to work pretty hard to make up for my deficiencies and I am just as proud as I can be of her accomplishments. Now on to nursing school.

We observed her "virtual" commencement ceremony last night - her name was flashed on a screen! But here is a beautiful picture and I love that wide smile!

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

A Peek Inside - Beautiful Crocheted Tablecloth

This lovely hand-crocheted tablecloth is a gift for Miss Abigail from Jackie Mitchell, another older friend to Abby from our ladies club. Jackie was a close neighbor for many years before she moved to Oklahoma and this extraordinary gift came in the mail soon after she moved. Jackie wanted Abigail to have something from her in the hope chest. What a wonderful friend.

The tablecloth is large - about 60-inches, so it will work on a regular round dining table or as an accent topper on a smaller table. I love the ornamental pineapple motif - symbolic of hospitality!

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