Sunday, September 29, 2013

Monogrammed Envelope

I wanted to make a kind of envelope or bag to keep the whole of the aqua "Kitchen Utensils" set together in the hope chest. The stack of linens was simply to tall for a bag to work very well, so I made something even more simple. I'm calling it an envelope, but it is open on the sides. It is more like a wide ribbon band. I like it somewhat better than the one I made for the Thanksgiving Set because, while this one keeps things together and more or less enclosed, I can still see the contents of the set without undoing the whole thing.

I started by measuring the stack of linens that I wanted to cover. The largest folded towels on the bottom of the stack measure 12 inches square and the whole stack is about 11 inches tall. So I cut a rectangular piece of aqua fabric 25-inches wide (12 inches doubled, plus a 1-inch seam allowance) by 36-inches long.

I wanted an embroidered monogram on the outside of the envelope so I enlarged the same style of letter as I used on the "Retro-Fun" towels in the set.

I sewed along the long side of the fabric rectangle, creating a long tube.

I left a small opening for turning later and then pressed the seam open.

I sewed along both ends of the tube. I put the seam in the middle so that both edges would be pressed and look the same. I turned the tube right side out and pressed everything well. (Remember to use a press cloth over the embroidery so that you don't flatten the stitches.)

Finally, I sewed buttonholes and buttons and it is finished. I can't wait to finish the last of the projects in this set and tuck it all up in the hope chest.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

"Fancy Fans" Dishcloths and "Basket Weave" Hot Pads

I made these crocheted items sometime ago and think they perfectly fit into the aqua "Kitchen Utensils" set. I haven't posted pictures before because I wanted to share the patterns and while I have written notes about how I made both the dishcloths and the hot pads, it takes quite a bit of work to write up, edit and correct patterns. I just haven't had time to do it. Hopefully I'll still get to it at some point. Since the Kitchen Utensils set is almost finished, I wanted to include pictures of these items in the set.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tucked Handtowel

This cotton towel was just the right color for the aqua and brown-toned "Kitchen Utensils" set. I've been thinking about what I could do to embellish it and finally decided to use an aqua rick-rack trim along with three simple sewn tucks along the bottom of the towel. I like the way it looks and how quick the project was completed.

You might remember a previous post with a tutorial on using tucks. If you are interested, use that tutorial for more detailed instruction. The darker woven threads on this towel made sewing the tucks extremely easy. I didn't need to measure or mark anything, except by sight.

I also like to apply rick-rack with this simple cross-over long stitch. You'll find another tutorial for this method here.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Monogrammed Dishtowels

These dishtowels are another item in the aqua and brown toned "Kitchen Utensils" set. I re-used a favorite pattern for the print borders--the "Retro-Fun" pattern from I also added a simple monogram, using a chain stitch to outline the letter and french knots to fill in the space.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

New Items for the Hope Chest

I haven't had much time to blog lately, but I have still been hard at work on the hope chest. I finished this set of three Tunisian crocheted dishcloths for what I think of as the "Kitchen Utensils" set. (tutorial here)  I also added this set of four brown-toned hand towels and a second set of dishcloths with a simple scalloped shell edging.

I painted a set of dishtowels as well, using the old fashioned tube paints. I remember these paints as being quite easy to use, but I think I need a little more practice.

I have a list of items that I want to include with this "Kitchen Utensils" set and I am now finished with all but a couple of the projects. Soon I can sew up the apron and a bag of some sort to keep it all together in the hope chest. I'll try to get pictures taken and posted soon. Promises, promises...
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