Friday, July 8, 2016

Social Media - Find Me

Some of you may wonder what I've been up to for the past couple of months, since I haven't been blogging much! Some time ago my husband and I had another "planning meeting" where we assess our goals and see what needs to happen. We have so many changes happening at our house. The biggest change, as it relates to me, is that we decided to expand our sheep business. So I've been on a steep learning curve about building a business and, in particular, social media. This has been hard for me because I am actually not very social in real life. But, needs must. So I've been hard at work on a website and setting up business profiles for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

I've never been very active on Facebook, personally, but am making a concerted effort to be active on our business page. Please look us up if you would like to see what goes on around the farm. If you like our page we can have a conversation!

Instagram intrigues me because I love beautiful pictures, but I'm still trying to learn my way around and find people to follow. If you happen to be on Instagram, please find me! If you'll introduce your profile in a comment, I'll be sure to follow you back. I am most anxious to find people I might already share interests with!

I hope you will come by and visit us somewhere on the web! I'll share the links below. If you can't find me here, you might find me there. (especially the blog)

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