Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas Ornaments 2017

 One of Miss Abigail's favorite books is Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. She has whole passages memorized and pleases herself re-reading her favorite parts again and again. I found this darling Anne character ornament on Etsy from a maker who is a friend of mine and I snapped it up immediately! Her shop is called House of Worry Dolls and she is a sweet young mom trying to make a little extra money.

Abby also loves nature and wildlife and this ombre ceramic deer fits her classic style very well.

Finally, I ran into another young Pueblo crafter who was selling these handmade ceramic ornaments at a small craft fair I recently attended. They were painted with traditional tribal symbols. This will be just another little reminder of her home state, no matter where she lives in the future.

Miss Abigail has a great collection of ornaments in her hope chest. I'm sure she will add to it in the coming years. Check the Christmas label to see the others we've collected and made together.


  1. These are wonderful, especially the Anne of Green Gables one!

  2. We love Anne of Green Gables too! We did a mission trip to Prince Edward Island when Amy was about 8 and on our off day got to go to Green Gables....beautiful spot and lovely island! The ornament is adorable! (That's Anne with an E)

    1. Oh Donna - what a special experience! I wish Abigail and I could go together. What fun memories we homeschoolers get to make, huh?


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