Thursday, June 4, 2020

Hope Chest: Packed Up and Ready to Travel

Hi everyone. This has been an extra hard two weeks! I've been scouring closets and making a huge mess. I've been trying to gather up all of Miss Abigail's hope chest to take it to Arizona where Abigail and Jacob will live for the next couple of years. Abigail is getting married on Saturday! I can't wait. But it has been so emotional for me to see this project come to an end.

Actually, it may not end, haha. I am going to throw away all my kitchen towels and make new ones for myself. And new bath towels! And maybe a quilt for our bed. So there are still some posts planned for the future, but I'm not sure where I will go with the blog. We will have to see. I certainly have had a lot of thoughts about hope chests and am still excited to discuss the subject. is a picture of the pile of stuff. The actual hope chest is on the other side of the room, waiting to go into the back of the truck, but you can still see the auxiliary hope "chest of drawers." There is the stuff from her closet too and from under the bed, haha. She will have some sorting to do. What an exciting time - the culmination of an 18 year project!


  1. WOW! She's one lucky (blessed) young woman. Congrats Mom on raising a righteous daughter. May you have a wonderful time seeing her married. I hope you'll continue the blog as encouragement to the rising generation. They need the wisdom of experience that we can impart.

  2. For some future posts I think we would enjoy seeing pictures of Abigail using her hope chest treasures in her new home.

  3. I hope Abigail has a wonderful wedding day! This must be a bit bittersweet for you. Getting ready all these years for this day, but what to do afterwards, eh? I look forward to seeing what you make for yourself. I have been looking at my kitchen linens and they are very stained. I used them well, but feel that it's time for me to have some new ones, too. I am sure you will inspire me to do something lovely for myself. Thanks for all the posts you showed us and the lessons learned. It's very much appreciated.


  4. Best wishes for a wonderful wedding day for Miss Abigail and Jacob! I know that this is a day full of a range of emotions for you.

    I know that Miss Abigail will enjoy using and feel blessed by your love and devotion every time she uses any of the beautiful things that you have made her.

    I have always been inspired by your posts and hope that you will continue them as you make things for yourself and others. I have learned so much from you! Perhaps a 'Grandmother's Hope Chest' will begin to take shape. I have been adding to one of these for a couple of years. ;)

  5. Wishing Abigail and Jacob great happiness! Your pictures are inspirational as they give me hope for my own future goals - I already have a home in England, but am planning to move to Scotland when I retire, and am building up a Hope Chest to do this. Your blog is wonderful - I have no desire to marry, but Hope Chests always focus our minds on the future!


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